An Education Based on the Ignatian and Providence Traditions

PILLAR FIVE – An education based on the Ignatian and Providence Traditions

Missoula Catholic Schools is founded in the history of the Providence Sisters and Jesuit Fathers that came to spread the “good news” of Christ. In a Catholic education, the whole person is educated in an effort to defend the world and each individuals place in it through service, leadership, rigor and the academic and spiritual challenge we are called to place on ourselves.

Proof Points

  • Students are placed in an environment where spiritual growth is prioritized with the academic and activity rigor and development.
  • As a school and faith community, mass is celebrated on a regular basis in the parish, but the spiritual development is also discovered in the classroom each day.
  • Students are academically tested in their academic growth in religion, each year.
  • Students fulfill a required amount of volunteer work (VISION) in the community each year.