Families, each with unique circumstances, make a significant financial commitment so their children can attend St. Joseph and Loyola Sacred Heart.  In return, students receive an education from Missoula Catholic Schools that embraces Gospel values and provides a well-rounded educational experience beginning with our thriving Early Education Program and culminating in an excellent high school and college/career prep curriculum.  Both St. Joseph and Loyola Sacred Heart provide strong activities programs and community service opportunities, as well.

Making Missoula Catholic Schools Accessible for All Families
Missoula Catholic Schools is committed to providing an educational experience to any family who hopes for one. Our schools have a long tradition of helping students attend regardless of their family’s income.

Tuition and Fees
Missoula Catholic Schools’ tuition rates for 2016-17 ranged from $2,855 to $10,375 at Loyola Sacred Heart, and from $1,714 to $6,970 at St. Joseph, depending on each family’s FACTS assessment and their qualification for merit and need based scholarships.  Approximately 50% of our families took advantage of the FACTS tuition assessment process this year.

FACTS G&AA process via website:

Tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year:
SJS grades K-5         maximum tuition         $6,455
SJS grades 6-8         maximum tuition         $7,215
LSH                            maximum tuition         $10,375

International Student Tuition and Fees 2017-18

Tuition Payment Terms:
Full Payment (due August 15th each year)
Semester Payments (due August 15th and December 4th each year)
Monthly Electronic Payments – 10 months (August through May)
Payment Preference Form