Tuition Assistance

It is our mission to provide a Catholic education to those (Catholic and non-Catholic) who wish to attend Missoula Catholic Schools. Diversity of all kinds is a cornerstone in the educational experience of a Catholic school system and its Mission. Blending students of all races, backgrounds, religions, and socio-economic groups is vital to the experience of our students as they navigate learning and life experiences. Providing another “layer” of tuition assistance will allow many families the necessary funds to attend MCS.

Tuition Assistance Options Beyond the Primary FACTS Assessment
If additional assistance is still needed by a familiy, they are asked to contact our tuition office and complete an MCS Confidential Tuition Assistance Program Application.  This application will be reviewed by the Missoula Catholic Schools Scholarship Committee. This committee consists of the MCS Tuition Officer, the MCS Controller, an MCS Administrator and a Missoula Deanery priest. Again, the tuition assistance offered to our families is only available to those families with students in the K-12 classrooms.  Based on information provided on the application, the Committee may utilize the following options for funding additional assistance:

  • Missoula Area Parish Funds – Active, practicing Catholic families are eligible for these funds. While historically this has been a primary source of tuition assistance, the future availability of these funds is at best uncertain.
  • Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Funds – Current MCS families are eligible for these funds. Donors make tax deductible donations directly to the Guardian Angel Fund with the intent of impacting those families that need additional tuition assistance in order to remain at St. Joseph or Loyola Sacred Heart.
  • Ignatian Tuition Scholarship Program – Families new to MCS (first time families) are eligible for this program. This assistance is good for the first year of enrollment only. Recipients of this assistance may apply for Missoula Area Parish Funds or Guardian Angel Tuition Assistance Funds in subsequent years of enrollment.For a Confidential Tuition Assistance Application, please contact the tuition officer, Diane Curry at 541-2853