St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School

Parents: The First Educators

You are the first educators of your children, and we thank you for entrusting your children to us as your partners in the total formation of your child for life on earth and eternity in heaven. As a parent, you have three critical responsibilities:

You have a responsibility to your children to set a good example as a Catholic steward, take them to Mass with you on Sundays and holy days, provide for their material needs, personal formation and learning readiness.

You have a responsibility to the parish to be an active steward and participate at Mass on all Sundays and holy days, be active in parish ministries, provide for your religious education and your children’s, participate in the sacramental life of the Church, and make and keep a good faith pledge of your treasure.

You have a responsibility to the school to make sure your child is ready for school every day, support the school’s academic, religious, and disciplinary standards, communicate your concerns in a proper forum, and be honest in all dealings with the school. For children to be successful in school there must be a close relationship and frequent communication between you and your child’s teacher. For that reason, we have implemented a 5th-8th grade internet-based system called Powerschool. Through PowerSchool you can access your child’s grades and attendance at anytime as well as receive important information from the school.

However, nothing, even PowerSchool, can replace personal contact with the school. Your interest, your involvement as a volunteer, and your participation in school activities demonstrate to your children how important to you their education is.

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St. Joseph Elementary Curriculum

Academic Requirements

The academic year is divided into two 18-week semesters, offering a total of 36 instructional weeks. Classes are self-contained from grades K-5 and departmentalized in grades 6-8. Language Arts, Social Sciences, Math, Science, Choir, Band and Theology divide the course work for students in these grades. With a strong focus on the scholastic core subjects, SJS students maintain high levels of success in their academic life, with approximately fifty percent scoring in the 80th percentile and better on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

With an atmosphere of discipline, exemplifying good morals and caring for others, students at SJS are continually reinforced and encouraged to be mentally, spiritually, physically, and academically sound. St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School provides students with the best opportunities to learn and to succeed in an environment that enhances the whole student. In this light, the teachings of Jesus are taught in daily religion classes and incorporated into other subject areas in the curriculum.


SLE Rubric – all subjects


Each department at St. Joseph Elementary School has developed its own curriculum which guides the instructor in teaching the classroom material. The full curriculum for each grade/department can be viewed in the downloadable PDF files below.

Diocese of Helena Position on Common Core