Loyola Sacred Heart High School

Mission Statement

Missoula Catholic Schools is committed to the formation of young men and women of compassion, conscience, competence and community.  

Strategies for Success in our Mission

To achieve the Mission, Loyola Sacred Heart High School is committed to:

  • Providing a learning environment where faculty, staff, and students are treated with dignity, respect, and honor
  • Applying the highest standards of excellence in all courses, programs, and activities that foster continual growth and development
  • Encouraging enthusiastic participation by all students, parents, faculty, and staff in the full range of activities offered within the Missoula Catholic School Community
  • Insisting upon forthrightness, honesty, and accountability of everyone in maintaining and enhancing the common good of the community

Academic Principles

The aim of the educational program at LSH is to develop students, who are compassionate and curious learners, intent upon assuming increasing responsibility for direction of their own intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development.  Emphasis is placed on teaching students to be self-directed learners, people who make meaningful and deliberate choices about how to best profit from their educational opportunities.

The Curriculum

The Program of Studies at Loyola Sacred Heart is intended to provide an education that is both Christian and humanistic. It is assumed that all Loyola students will continue their education on the college level. Emphasis is, therefore, placed on developing those skills and strengths that will be necessary for the successful completion of a college program.

Philosophy of Education

LSH emphasizes not only the subject matter but also the process by which one “comes to know”.  The process of learning is the central focus and rather than passively receiving information and predefined explanations, students actively engage in finding out what they want and need to understand.  It is the art of teaching students “how to learn” that motivates our education.

Students are the center of learning at LSH and are the principal agents of our education.  Content, methodology, faculty, families, and students all combine and interact to contribute toward leading students to make connections between what they learn in the various dimensions of the school curriculum.  In the planning of instruction, material is selected whenever possible, to allow for connection with other academic areas, content, and life applications.

In the Ignatian philosophy of education, teaching student to learn to learn remains the challenge and purpose of our school.  Students come to understand that there is an invariable structure in the knowing and learning process.  It is a system of movement from experience through understanding and judgment to action.  According to St. Ignatius Loyola, it is through the process of reflecting on one’s experience that a person arrives at decisions and ultimately are compelled to act in accordance with those decisions. 

At LSH, we provide a scholastic environment, rooted in Catholic tradition, realizing the call to social justice, and preparing young Christian adults where the process of learning is paramount to the integration of academics and whose resolute goal is to develop learning that culminates in socially just and responsible action. 

Profile of an LSH Graduate

The goals and objectives for all graduates of LSH is that each student has mastered an intellectual competency, experienced religious and spiritual development, and is open to life-long learning and growth.

Diocese of Helena Position on Common Core