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We inspire a preschool program that is healthy and developmentally appropriate with the needs of children first, offering an organic and responsive curriculum environment for all!  

Art, Health Enhancement, and Music specialty classes are offered to our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms at our St. Joseph location. We offer a full curriculum and care for children aged 2-5 years of age.

We feature 2 locations!  St. Joseph School building and the St. Francis Xavier Parish campus next to St. Patrick Hospital!

Classrooms                                                Rates (per month)
Ladybugs:   12-24 Months                                       12-24 months: 3/4/5 days a week  $800
Caterpillars:   2-3 years                                            2-5 years: 3 days a week $450
Frogs: 3-4 years                                                          2-5 years: 4 days a week $590
Green Room: 3-4 years                                           2-5 years: 5 days a week $720
Red Room: 4-5 years
Blue Room: 4-5 years

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